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Company Name:
Whitney, Bradley and Brown Inc.
Approximate Salary:
Not Specified
Arlington, Virginia
United States
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
> 10 years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree

Senior International Programs Analyst

WBB is a technical and management consulting company that provides innovative products and services that solve government and commercial customer’s toughest problems. For more than 30 years, WBB has set the standard for excellence in consulting services, while providing its employees with an outstanding work environment with ample opportunities for growth and success. WBB continues to enjoy impressive growth, which is directly attributed to the company’s hiring practice of always hiring the very best professionals from government, military and industry. 

Project Overview:

The DCNO N2/N6 organization is responsible for exercising Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) responsibility for matters related to information, command and control (C2), networks, cyber, intelligence, space, electronic warfare (EW), and maritime domain awareness (MDA); the Information Dominance Corps (IDC); and oceanography and knowledge of the environment. N2/N6F is responsible for leading warfighting integration, interoperability, and assessments for N2/N6. The work under this task resides in the N2/N6F4 Decision Superiority Division and includes conducting cross-functional reviews of maritime and information dominance concepts, programs, and initiatives in order to provide decision quality information and analytical underpinning for top-level decisions, particularly for Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) efforts, aligning science and technology investments to Navy warfighting capabilities and concepts, and advancing coalition interoperability for information dominance. Project personnel will provide strategic thinking, planning, and programming support including data collection and research, decision tool creation, analytical support, technical assessment, and executive-level assessment briefings in support of N2/N6 priorities. Task interaction will cross all Navy organizations and echelons, and include interaction with the U.S. Marine Corps and coalition partners.

Project personnel shall provide support, particularly PPBE support to in the Navy Pentagon.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Support coalition interoperability coordination activities across N2N6, OPNAV, Joint Staff, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps action officers, other staffs and mult-fora groups, and U. S. Government organizations, as well as NATO and foreign military staffs.

2. Assist N2/N6 in the development of packages for Navy delegations in preparation for international meetings; assist N2/N6 in preparing and delivering briefs; plan international conferences; and perform other tasks in support of the N2/N6 Allied and Coalition interoperability mission.

3. Assist in the preparation of documentation for N2/N6 positions on issues and related actions to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Plans, Policy and Operations (N3/5), the Joint Staff, and Navy IPO. Review tasking and obtain necessary support documentation.

4. Review N2/N6F Foreign Information Disclosure and Foreign Visit Request actions received in N2/N6F. Coordinate with N2/N6 subject matter experts (SMEs).

5. Prepare and provide pre-meeting briefs to N2/N6 and subordinate leadership, along with recommend courses of action and policies, including “Trip Books” for the Chairman and the U.S Delegate for each foreign meeting.

6. Support attendance at Allied, NATO, coalition and bilateral interoperability forums. Report results of meetings for N2/N6F review and action. Track completion of actions assigned to N2/N6F.

7. Prepare and provide pre-meeting briefs to N2/N6 along with recommend courses of action and policies supporting international engagement interactions; including Senior Officer Counterpart Visits (CPV) and Navy International Programs Office (IPO) matters, and assist in coordination of foreign release actions.

8. Stay abreast of and report on C4/Information Warfare (IW) interoperability concerns of Allied and Coalition forces, make comparisons, draw conclusions, and recommend courses of action for OPNAV N2/N6. Review and recommend potential solutions to operational combined C4ISR/IW requirements, within security and foreign export constraints.

9. Assist in formulating recommendations to Navy policy and PPBE process in response to C4I/Information Warfare (IW) interoperability issues.

10. Support participation in planning for new cooperative C4ISR/IW concepts and programs.

11. Support coordination activities with U.S. and foreign research and development (R&D) and science and technology (S&T) staffs, organizations, and contractors in a collaborative work environment to develop potential technical solutions within security and foreign export constraints.

12. Provide technical support for the Staff Officer of the AUSCANNZUKUS Maritime Information Warfare Organisation (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Networks, Electronic Warfare, and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Information Exchange Annex, O-AUSCANNZUKUS-12-01.

13. Assist in the management of the Coalition Interoperability Assurance Validation (CIAV) and Coalition Warrior Interoperability Experimentation (CWIX) programs to include assisting in requirements, priorities and PPBE development.  

14. Review Naval C4ISR requirements, plans, and budgets to identify potential allied interoperability issues or impacts, and assist N2/N6 government personnel in understanding impacts, mitigating adverse effects, identifying opportunities for efficiencies through collaborative engagement with partner nations, and advocating Allied interoperability during the POM process.

15. Provide analysis of and recommendations on proposed exceptions/issues associated with Department of Navy C4/IW Data Exchange/Information Exchange Agreements, their annual objectives and U.S.-Only Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letters (DDL).

16. Assist N2/N6 government personnel in development of recommendations for Navy positions on Joint/Coalition/Allies C4ISR/IW, and Navy IPO C4ISR/IW actions assigned to N2/N6 for resolution. Review tasking and obtain necessary support documentation. Coordinate issues with relevant N2/N6 divisions/branches, and OPNAV N-Code offices, and draft recommendations for review by appropriate N2/N6 government personnel.

17 Assist N2/N6 government personnel in interpreting, articulating and formulating Navy policy regarding interoperability issues associated with Allied and Coalition C2/C4ISR and Navy IPO matters, such as; COCOM C2 Interoperability Board (CCIB) meeting guidance packages, Allied Force Goals and packages, Coalition/Allied Defense Planning Questionnaire packages, and Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS) task. Approximately 60 tasks are completed per year.

18. Support preparation of guidance packages for Navy delegations and the Chairman (if required), of the Joint Capability Group on C2 (JCG C2), Maritime C3 Capability Team (MC3CaT) and Multinational Maritime Information systems Interoperability (M2I2) board or other coalition meetings as required. Prepare/draft program briefs and nomination packages for U.S. delegates, plan international conferences, and perform other tasks as required to support N2/N6's Allied and Coalition C2 interoperability mission.

19 Provide reports and notes of Allied and Coalition meetings and activities for N2/N6 review and action. Assist in the tracking and completion of actions assigned to N2/N6.

20. Assist N2/N6 government personnel in preparing, reviewing and managing NATO STANAGs under purview of N2N6.

21. Assist N2/N6 government personnel in preparing U.S. Delegate’s input to the U.S. NATO Naval Armaments Group (NNAG) Delegate (N8 Flag Officer) for each NNAG.

22. Utilize previous experience in AUSCANNZUKUS and/or NATO, and International Programs coordination in the accomplishment of the aforementioned tasks. 

Required Skills:

  • Minimum Experience:  10 years of progressive experience (at least five years of which were in a managerial capacity) in capability definition and operation of IT, space systems, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems and/or unmanned systems.
  • Current experience (within 5 years) in supporting Coalition interoperability coordination activities across major military staffs (such as N2N6, OPNAV, Joint Staff, foreign military staffs or U. S. Government organizations).

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

  • Previous OPNAV experience or large staff experience
  • Knowledge of Capital Planning and Investment Control; development of Enterprise Architectures, Standards, Governance, Policy; Information Assurance/Security; the Department of Defense Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) Process; and Naval concepts
  • Previous FMS experience
  • Experience in international engagements
  • Previous foreign area officer experience

Clearance:  TS SCI Eligible

Job Title: Senior International Programs Analyst

Minimum Security Clearance level: Top Secret SCI eligible

Key Words: OPNAV, N2/N6, information dominance, PPBE, AUSCANNZUKUS, NATO, Foreign Military Sales FMS, FAO

Work Location: Arlington, VA

Travel: 5%

We are proud of our diverse environment and are an Equal Opportunity Employer. WBB is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity. WBB participates in E-Verify.

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