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Founded by Veterans in Hampton Roads

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- Company Overview
For more than 50 years Eggleston Services has been dedicated to educating, training and employing individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to help people obtain meaningful work opportunities and participate fully in their communities.

We help individuals with disabilities gain independence, confidence and increased feelings of self-worth through on-the-job training and stable, rewarding work opportunities.

When Eggleston Services opened in 1955 as the Tidewater Vocational Center, we served only five individuals with disabilities. Today, we serve hundreds through 26 programs and 13 locations, and our services expand every year.

We continue to grow our services through partnerships with businesses and government institutions, offering our participants the chance to earn a living and lead full and independent lives. The programs offered by Eggleston Services benefit our participants at Home, at Work, and at Play.

- History

Hands of Friendship

The company that is now Eggleston was first conceived by a group of parents who wanted to find meaningful day time activities for their adult children with disabilities. Most were medically classified as suffering from intellectual disabilities or cerebral palsy. The early meetings took place in people's homes and by August of 1955, a Board of Directors was chosen and the Center was incorporated as the Tidewater Vocational Center (TVC), a not for profit organization which would provide sub contract work for local industries. Operations began at 621 Botetourt Street, in Norfolk, Virginia with eight employees in attendance.

By 1965, as the center celebrated its 10th anniversary, many changes had taken place. The Center moved to a larger location, a parent's auxiliary had been formed, and training activities for participants included gardening, printing and a foray into running a laundromat. There were 80 employees in attendance.

Although the Center was initially created to serve only individuals with intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy, it was decided in March of 1968 that the Center would begin accepting individuals with physical impairments as well.

During the 1970's, Tidewater Vocational Center began a food service and service station training program, and training centers were started in Portsmouth and Chesapeake, and the Center celebrated its 20th anniversary.

A local philanthropist, Mrs. Louise W. Eggleston offered the use of a much larger building, with TVC only paying a small stipend for its use until she were to pass away at which time the building would be donated to Eggleston. Six months later, Mrs. Eggleston died and the building became the property of TVC. To memorialize her gift, the board voted to change the name of the organization to the Louise W. Eggleston Center.

By the early eighties, The Eggleston Center offered five program choices: Enclaves, Workshop, Life skills/Work Adjustment Training, Contract Procurement and Job Placement. These five programs combined serviced 156 persons with disabilities and were supported by 29 staff members. Individual Written Rehabilitation Plans (IWRP's) were developed for all employees. The 30th anniversary of The Eggleston Center was celebrated by the receipt of two awards; "The Most Valuable Facility to the Association" award and "The Small Vocational Facility of the Year" award both from the Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities.


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